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Have you been contemplating a property investment opportunity, but not sure if you have enough funds to make a start? Are you thinking emotionally of creating a portfolio of properties, or would love to renovate a property as a one off if only the price was right? Well you’ve certainly come to the right Company, who can answer all those questions for you.

We can offer fast moving  savvy investors property purchases, up to 40 per cent below the actual market value in some cases. This BMV rate is created by vendors who need a quick sale, and open to offering substantial discounts on repossessed, distressed and discounted properties.

If you’re an investor who’d instantly like to earn an average rental yield of 10 per cent with excellent potential for capital growth, look no further. Because we can source a property with high yield potential to suit both your funds, and your investment ambitions. There’s no obligation, and we can offer you the very best advice going forward, not only on distressed properties, but involving other viable property investments.

It’s important to act now in order to secure one of these high yield properties, so for more information about those distressed properties already available and our other investments, 

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Buying a Repossessed House

Buying a Repossessed House in the UK It’s a fact there are more and more repossessed houses for sale generally across the UK and  many of those are available in the North West. The problem is  some mortgage companies often try to hide the fact they are selling repossessed houses as it could devalue the […]

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More than 22,000 homes in West Midlands at risk of repossession

Recently released statistics by housing charity Shelter has shown Wolverhampton to be the worst area in the West Midlands for home repossession. During 2013/14, a total of 1,609 mortgage and landlord repossessions occurred, accounting for one claim in every 64 households in the area. Next worst was Sandwell, where one in 70 homes was being […]

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Mortgages set to soar by up to £1,000 by next year

Financial experts are warning that the cost of mortgages in the UK could rise by as much as £1,000 by this time next year. As interest rates rise and lending criteria become tougher, existing mortgage payers could be subjected to a spike in their repayment rates equal to almost £110 per month on average. Since […]

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Answering your FAQ’s about Below Market Value (BMV) Properties

The world of BMV properties is a bit of a grey area. On one side you have the shady characters who promise they can get you a house for 30 per cent less than the market value (just so long as you pay them £200 for their eBook containing all their trade secrets). On the […]

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Property prices on the rise, but what happens next?

For the first time in four years, the rate at which house prices are rising has hit double digits. In the year so far to April, house prices rose at a rate of 10.9 per cent, which is the first time we’ve seen double figures since April 2010 and the fastest increase overall since June […]

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