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Buying a Repossessed House

Buying a Repossessed House in the UK
It’s a fact there are more and more repossessed houses for sale generally across the UK and  many of those are available in the North West.
The problem is  some mortgage companies often …

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More than 22,000 homes in West Midlands at risk of repossession

Recently released statistics by housing charity Shelter has shown Wolverhampton to be the worst area in the West Midlands for home repossession. During 2013/14, a total of 1,609 mortgage and landlord repossessions occurred, accounting for one claim in every 64 …

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Mortgages set to soar by up to £1,000 by next year

Financial experts are warning that the cost of mortgages in the UK could rise by as much as £1,000 by this time next year. As interest rates rise and lending criteria become tougher, existing mortgage payers could be subjected to …

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Answering your FAQ’s about Below Market Value (BMV) Properties

The world of BMV properties is a bit of a grey area. On one side you have the shady characters who promise they can get you a house for 30 per cent less than the market value (just so long …

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