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We help investors purchase below market value (BMV) investment properties by offering them a discount of up to 40% of the property actual market value. The vendors are highly motivated sellers in need of a quick sale so they can offer our investors a substansial discount on the property they are selling.

All our properties offer Instant Equity, High Rental Yield averaging 10% and excellent potential for capital growth.

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Tips for finding a true BMV property

In the current economic climate of stagnant house prices and ever increasing rents, the buy to let market is a great place to invest. However, getting a good return on your investment means getting the right house in the first place. Owning a property that sits empty for months because it is in the wrong […]

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Just £1,000 of debt could force householders to sell their homes

When householders signed up for credit cards or personal loans, no doubt they were told that these types of borrowings were ‘unsecured’. This means that they are not attached to any belongings or property owned by the borrower, and that if they could not be paid back there would be no risk to their homes. […]

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UK Property Prices in 2014

At its peak, the financial crisis had its fair share of negative consequences, especially on the value of real estate. In fact, if we absolutely had to put it in perspective, the real estate market is where the crisis began in the first place. Surely, Great Britain was never the culprit of these events but […]

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Repossessed Houses for Sale in Falkirk

Why should you be looking for repossessed houses for sale in Falkirk? After all, it’s just a name on Saturday’s football results isn’t it? The truth is, Falkirk is far more than its football team… Falkirk is, in fact, an administrative area set between Glasgow and Edinburgh; it encompasses Falkirk itself, as well as the […]

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Repossessed Houses for Sale in Essex

Thinking of buying a repossessed property in Essex? Whatever it is you hope to achieve by following this route the chances are that, somewhere within this county of variety, you will find exactly what you are looking for. Direct access to fresh – Repossessed Houses, BMV & Alternative Investments – Click here Essex is a […]

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