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By January 29, 2009House Repossession

There’s a huge amount of information, advice and help online that you can use to arm yourself with the facts.

Once you have all the facts at your fingertips you’ll have the best chance of negotiating your way out of trouble. Work out how much debt you are actually in and calculate your risk of house repossession. Get free credit reports from the UK’s three main credit reference agencies. And take advantage of free postcode reports, which will help you to gauge the real market value of your home and alert you to any local issues that might affect the selling price.

Here are a few links that will put you in a better position when trying to avoid repossession:

1. Free Experian credit report –Experian is one of the UK’s top credit reference agencies. This free credit report, which shows you the information that your creditors see, helps you understand and keep control of your credit status online. The service comes via Credit Expert, Experian’s credit monitoring and identity fraud protection service.

  • Unlimited online access to your credit report
  • See your Experian credit score
  • Customer service, freephone calls
  • Your credit report is delivered to you online, fast and securely
  • You get unlimited real time access to your credit report

2. Free Equifax credit report –Equifax is another top UK credit reference agency. They also offer a free trial credit report service.

  • A 30 day free trial with no obligation
  • Expert tips to help you understand your credit report
  • An online dispute facility to help you correct mistakes quickly and simply
  • Comprehensive support from their customer service team
  • Immediate unlimited online access to your Equifax record
  • Alerts within 24 hours of any notable changes on your credit record

3. Callcredit, another UK credit reference agency

4. Pay for a credit report from all three agencies –Alternatively if you want to save time and hassle you can pay a small fee and get reports from all three UK credit reference agencies from one place; Experian, Equifax and Callcredit.

None of the UK’s 3 credit reference agencies hold your entire credit history. Lenders usually inform one agency, sometimes two, and your credit status can be rated differently by each.

Checkmyfile offers this service, but it is always a good idea to search the internet first in case there are new or better value offers out there.

5. Baines and Ernest free debt test –A thirty second free test where you complete several simple steps to identify how you could become debt free.

6. Credit reference agencies and how to correct inaccurate records –There’s plenty of good common sense advice here about credit reference agencies, how they work and how to get mistakes on your credit record put right.

7. Free postcode check –This free service lets you check any UK postcode to find out useful census information, local house prices and much more.

8. Find a suitable lender for free -Once you know your credit score, you can use it to negotiate the best loan deals. Try this useful free online tool to find which lender best matches your credit score.

9. Free credit rating score –There’s a wide choice of free, no obligation credit rating services online. Here are just a few:

10. Become Debt Free by using this debt solutions tool.

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