How Can I Sell my House Fast!

By September 6, 2010Quick Sale

                                How To Sell A House Quickly

If how can I sell my house quickly is the thought going round-and-round in your mind as you lay your head on the pillow, rest assured that you are definitely not alone. With the housing market either stagnant or falling – depending on which newspaper you read – selling a house is no longer a quick and pain-free process; in fact many homeowners have had their house on the market for over a year without a single viewing.

There could be many reasons for needing to sell your home quickly, the most obvious, of course, is money problems; being in debt now sadly seems to be the norm rather than the exception. That’s hardly surprising, given the redundancies and income drops associated with the recent recession. Even though we are supposedly now coming out of the recession, it will take time before the effects on the ‘man-in-the-street’ are overcome.

Whatever drives your need to sell your house fast, whether it’s bereavement, divorce, health problems or impending house repossession, there is a solution. However, typing words like quick houses sale or sell my house fast into Google simply throws up pages and pages of links, and there is no real way of knowing whether these companies are kosher or not. As we’ve already pointed out – and as you already know – making a quick home sale is not an easy task and the last thing you need right now is to be stung in the pocket by a ‘quick sale home buyer’ company.

Sell Your House Fast

There are reputable professional cash house buyers out there and by using one of these you can:

Sell your house within one to four weeks. Take any claims of making this happen within 24 hours with a huge pinch of salt, although one, maybe two, specialist home buyers can do this, most home buyers do not have the huge resources required.

Achieve up to 75% of the market value. Do not believe claims of 90%, they are untrue, most quick house sales achieve between 70 and 75% of market value.

If you need to Sell your House Quickly beware:

Your situation makes you vulnerable and there are a lot of disreputable professional house buying services out there just waiting to take advantage of that vulnerability. Research well before you sign up with anybody. However, you might find that our Sell Your House Fast facility a good place to start.  Take that first step in reclaiming control of the situation and get good night’s sleep.