8 Outstanding Property Websites

By April 7, 2010Articles

property-info-websitesThe internet is a superb tool – if you know what you’re looking for; just surfing and hoping for the best quite often turns up a lot of dross. Or you find a brilliant site, forget to bookmark it and never see it again. We’ve done lots of clicking and scrolling in putting this site together and would like to share some of the most useful housing market sites with you.

House Price Index
is a government site publishing monthly housing market statistics. For serious research, this site and its associated pages are a mine of information: you will find year-on-year comparisons; statistics relating to new buyers and owner-occupiers; regional variations and all manner of related data

Our Property
provides information from the Land Registry on the actual selling prices of UK wide property; in short, this site helps you see beyond the estate agents’ patter. If you’re looking to buy, you’ll know whether the asking price is realistic or inflated and, if you’re selling, you’ll be more realistic about what your property will achieve.

Property Snake
is the opposite of the property ladder in that it shows you properties where the selling price has been reduced. The site is run by an anonymous owner in his or her spare time; having said that, we tried it out with a couple of post codes and the information was remarkably accurate.

Priced Out
is a campaigning website for first time buyers and provides some very useful links for this particular group.

UK Property Auctions
does exactly what it says on the tin – it is a portal to the UK property auction market.

Bank of England
this is self-explanatory. However this link will take you straight to the Monetary Policy decision page where you will find the latest on interest rates.

Which Way Homes
explains the ups and downs of the property market in a down-to-earth, jargon-free way.

If you find other useful sites or would like to comment on the sites listed above, why not tell us on the forum?

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