Britain’s Debt Statistics

By December 16, 2009Articles, Videos

Here’s some interesting reading for you:

  • £135m: that’s the daily increase in UK debt
  • £21,457 that’s the average household debt (excluding mortgages)
  • £58,280 is the average household debt (including mortgages)
  • £36,822 is the typical first time buyer deposit (25%)
  • £224m: the amount of interest paid in the UK each day
  • 125 properties will be repossessed today
  • 3,036 people are made redundant each day
  • 362 people will be declared insolvent or bankrupt
  • 20.8 million plastic transactions will be made today

How sobering is that?

As at the end of July 2009 total UK personal debt stood at £1.457 billion.  Birmingham, Britain’s second city have suffered more than most.  With an economy built largely on manufacturing and the car industry this was inevitable really.  The video tells how ordinary people struggle to cope with UK debt. Our home page will lead you through some of the avenues open to you, and guide you in freeing yourself from credit card debt.   We have also published some useful credit repair tips .  If you’re not a master letter writer, the UK Insolvency Helpline helpfully provide a whole host of example letters for you to personalise.

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