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Eliminating your credit card debt is the first step toward being debt free. Credit card debt usually carries the highest interest rate and is also the easiest debt we have to abuse. And, getting rid of credit card debt is the easiest way to put cash back in your pocket every month so that you no longer need to rely on credit cards. Recent economic trouble has meant that more and more people feel the strain of their credit card debt. Use these four tips to help you get out of credit card debt.

One good strategy is to take a second job, devoting all earnings to paying credit card debt. Even working just a few extra hours a week will allow you to make larger payments on each card, plus youíll be able to put more cash from your primary job in your pocket ñ reducing the need to use credit cards in the future. You can plan to keep the second job just until the credit cards are paid off.

The second way to pay off credit card debt is by debt consolidation of credit card debt with a loan. Another way to pay off your debt is to consolidate it. Homeowners may be able to get a home equity loan with a lower interest rate than their credit cards, and tax deductible interest. If you choose this option, be certain to stop using the credit cards youíve consolidated into this loan, so that you donít run up another balance.

Another way to get rid of credit card debt is to use a debt settlement service. You should, however, only consider this option if youíre really in trouble and unable to make your payments. Such services negotiate a lower payoff and interest rate with your creditors, so that you can make the payments each month and pay off the balances faster.

With a debt settlement service, you make one monthly payment to the service, who distributes it among your creditors. Keep in mind that while this is a fairly quick way to pay off your debts, your accounts will be closed and your credit rating will be negatively affected.

Finally, a last resort is bankruptcy. Unfortunately, many people have to file bankruptcy over their credit card debt, particularly in a down economy. Filing bankruptcy basically eliminates your debt and gives you a fresh start.

If youíve had a financial catastrophe, such as losing your job or becoming disabled, bankruptcy may be your only option. Bankruptcy should be considered only as a last resort. If you file bankruptcy, your credit rating will be ruined for at least seven years, during which time youíll have difficulty buying a home or getting any other credit.

Eliminating credit card debt can help you toward financial freedom. Using one of these tips can help you get your finances in better order right away.

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