Are You Looking to Splash the Cash on a Property in Liverpool?

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Are You Looking to Splash the Cash on a Property in Liverpool?

Merseyside is an incredibly attractive area of the UK, and millions of people flock to the area each year; either visiting the region or relocating permanently. Now, it is well known for being associated with the music and sport cultures. Nearly everyone in the world has heard of The Beatles and they originally resided from Liverpool. Additionally, football teams Liverpool and Everton are steeped in history and heritage and have fans all around the world.

Moreover, it is also boasts of a vivacious waterfront that is intertwined with the famous Albert Dock. There you’ll find lovely restaurants, renowned museums and various attractions that will allow you to enjoy your spare time. Plus, Liverpool is an official UNESCO world heritage city due to the museums and it’s two wonderful cathedrals. So, as you can tell the region extremely popular!

This is great for those who have called Merseyside their home for many, many years. But, for those who want to relocate to the region the prices have increased drastically. Of course, prices vary greatly depending on which area you are looking to purchase a property, and there are many streets where you can secure an affordable house. However, individuals who possess a large amount of wealth and are searching the market for somewhere to buy; Liverpool is a great choice for you.

liverpool property house saleThere is plenty to do in the region, and infrastructure is constantly advancing and developing, especially around the city centre, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. So, if you are considering Liverpool as a destination to move to and purchase a luxury home in, then we’ve sourced the top 5 most expensive streets in terms of average house price.

Of course, that will scare most people off, but if you truly want to spend such large sums of money on a dream home in the heart of Merseyside, then the following information will be very beneficial. See below for the list…

  1. Falkner Street, Liverpool City Centre – £567,500 

Being so close to the centre of Liverpool, this will provide you with easy access to all of the local attractions, restaurants and shopping stores to thoroughly enjoy the Liverpudlian culture.

  1. Westmount Place, Prenton – £613,330

If you’re looking for a quiet street with large, stunning houses that are gated and secure, then Westmount Place in Prenton deserves a visit.

  1. St Andrews Road, Blundellsands – £692,667

This area epitomises luxury and upper class, and if you want to live that lifestyle then the houses here are truly impeccable and should be looked at.

  1. Kirklake Road, Formby – £877,641

This is another great safe, quiet and lovely neighbourhood that has beautiful homes. But, despite the hefty average price tag, you do get value for your money.

  1. Victoria Road, Formbym – £1,064,500

If you genuinely want to splash the cash, then a detached property here will set you back over seven figures.


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