How to Find Properties that have Dropped the Asking Price

By March 4, 2010Articles

If you use the web browser Firefox, there’s a nifty little add-on tool you should know about.

Property Bee works alongside the agents listed below and shows any changes in price and details since the property was listed. In brief, you can find the following information:

  • When the property was put on the market
  • Price changes (up and down) since the property was listed
  • Whether the property has gone STC and come back onto the market
  • Any changes to the details since the property was listed

This is powerful information to have in hand when bargaining.

What Estate Agents does Property Bee Work with?

What does Property Bee Cost?

Nothing! Property Bee is free to download and use.


If you don’t use Firefox, that’s no problem, although it is rated as one of the best internet browsers available. However, you can hang on to your favourite browser; Firefox can be installed along side your existing Web browser and you can even use both at the same time if you wish. Firefox is available for Windows, Linux and Macs.

To install Firefox: go to and follow the prompts.

To use Property Bee: go to Property-Bee and click the ‘download’ button on the left and follow the prompts. Next time you search for properties on any of the linked agents, any alterations in prices and details will appear as if by magic.

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