Top 5 Sea-Side Regions in the UK

Sea-Side Regions in the UK

Although the United Kingdom isn’t widely recognized as being home to terrific sandy beaches, a beautiful warm sea and modern holiday resorts, it does possess picturesque coastal towns with plenty of character and scenery. Unfortunately, Britain doesn’t tend to have the great weather and glistening sunshine to accompany the wonderful areas by the sea, but they can all still be thoroughly enjoyed. On one side there is the Atlantic Ocean which separates it from America and the other side there is the English Channel, which divides it from the rest of Europe, but either way there are fantastic locations overlooking the sea for everyone to love. Whether you are visiting for a day, staying for a week or looking to relocate, we’ll take you through the top 5 sea-side regions in the UK to consider…


  1. Weymouth

Weymouth is a gorgeous town in the south of England, and is well known for its colourful beach huts on its Blue Flag sandy beach. There are a wide array of reputable restaurants, hearty pubs and historical destinations, as well as the Portland Island which houses the amazing lighthouse which overlooks the harbour. In addition, Weymouth boasts of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the fossil-filled Jurassic Coast; it’s not all about the sand and sea in Weymouth!


  1. Penzance

Penzance is a beautiful region all the way down south in Cornwall; although the UK isn’t renowned for great weather, this area has warm climate which will allow you to soak in some of the sun’s rays. However, it doesn’t just revolve around the glorious beaches, Penzance also boasts of stunning Georgian architecture, iron-age villages that are centuries old and a plethora of art galleries. Once you experience the aura around this town, and what is has to offer, you’ll never want to go elsewhere!



  1. Mablethorpe

Mablethorpe is a tremendous, all-round seaside town, and it’s long, sandy beach and lovely sea represents that. Whether you are on your own, with a partner or with your family, there’ll be something for you to enjoy here; the Spanish City Complex, traditional promenade, great fish & chip shops, a popular theme park and a terrific seal sanctuary are among the best features the town has to offer.



  1. Cromer

Cromer, like Weymouth, possesses a delightful Blue Flag sandy beach that looks incredible when the sun is out. Now, although the beach may be a big factor that encourages people to head to Cromer, it also has some vintage Victorian architecture and great eateries. In addition, the Parish Church in the middle of town gifts you with some outstanding views, that’s if you’re prepared to climb the 172 steps to the top though!

Southend On Sea

Southend On Sea

  1. Southend On Sea

With the longest pleasure pier in the whole word, Southend On Sea epitomizes fun. With several things to do on the pier itself, plus a Sealife Adventure Centre nearby for you to have fun with the entire family, you won’t get bored in this region. Plus, there is the wonderful beach, art galleries, museums, casino centre and planetarium for you choose from as well.