Can I get Free Debt Consolidation?

By January 25, 2009Debt Consolidation

Unfortunately getting your debts consolidated for free isn’t an option. There is no free debt consolidation out there! One way or another you will always have to pay for refinancing. However there is plenty of free advice, guidance and help to take advantage of. If you’re after the best deal, whatever refinancing option you’re considering, all this free stuff should help you make the right decision.

Free debt consolidation advice

There is an enormous amount of free debt consolidation advice online, offered by a wide range of providers. It should be easy to find out what you need to know before making a firm decision to consolidate your debts into one loan or mortgage. But bear in mind that advice from the companies who actually sell the products isn’t independent and might not give you the full picture. Make sure you are aware of the downside as well as the advantages!

Independent guidance

For totally impartial free advice, try your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or consult registered UK charity the Consumer Credit Counselling Service at

Free quotes

Almost all debt consolidation suppliers offer free quotes. Depending on the kind of consolidation you want, some require a simple online form and others need more detail. Quotes are almost always given without any obligation, so you can’t be forced to stand by what you’ve been quoted unless you really want to.

Get free debt consolidation advice and quotes

You have a great choice of providers. Here’s a selection to kick start your search for free debt consolidation information, advice, support, guidance, estimates and quotes:

Please let us know whether you have found any other free debt consolidation services.

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