High return investments are what every investor is looking for. It is, after all, the reason that they invest. Newspaper financial pages and millions of pages on the internet, offer sometimes unbelievable stories of the latest jaw-dropping profits to be made with certain properties, hedge funds, forex deals and investment plans of every flavour. The intriguing bit of this picture is that, although many are scams, pie in the sky pipe dreams or hard sales pitches, some of them are true. Separating the wheat from the chaff is where the true skill, and sometimes luck, lies.

Perhaps the best bit of advice to give to someone considering a high return investment is to pose the question, “do you have a large amount of disposable cash that you can live without?” If the answer is yes, and you are not overly risk averse, then investing your money in a high return investment could be the very thing that will give you the financial rewards that you are looking for.

There are many investment opportunities that offer high returns; far too many to detail here. But here are a couple of examples of high return/high risk strategies that are available today.

Property speculation

For many people, the suggestion of investing in property during these times of financial uncertainty and crisis is an anathema. It is an undeniable fact that estate agents and property auctions are full of properties that are selling for below market value what would normally be considered their market value. Whilst it’s true that their previous market value may have been inflated, there is a feeling that the market must certainly rebound to some degree. For investors who have access to large sums of money, and who are in no particular rush, there’s money to be made here somewhere. Property prices will rise in the long term.

The problem is what to do with the property whilst waiting. We all know someone who is currently struggling to sell their property. With the property market in stasis, more and more people are being forced to rent and buy-to-let strategies with discounted properties can be very lucrative, but highly risky.

Emerging market investments

Emerging market investments can be hugely rewarding. Investing in emerging markets means putting your money into businesses or development projects in a foreign country, often one that is actively seeking foreign investment. The biggest profits go to those who can correctly predict which markets are going to do well and invest in them before the crowds. A good example is the fast developing tourist market in Brazil. There are currently many development opportunities in Brazil as the country enjoys an economic boom and investment companies are offering fantastically high returns, and this is not all fantasy, in recent years emerging markets experienced growth of somewhere in the region of over 50%, compared to 26% in the developed nations.

The thing to remember about high return investments is that it is down to you to decide where on the risk/return spectrum you feel most comfortable. Do not take risks that you are uncomfortable with, but at the same time know that the less risks you take, the less chance you have of realising the high returns that you dream of.

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