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By April 12, 2011House Repossession

repossessed houses for sale kent

Current List of BMV and Repossessed Houses for Sale Kent
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There are numerous opportunities to buy repossessed houses for sale Kent. Maybe sitting where you are now, you can’t imagine ever selling your property for a knock-down price – known in the trade as BMV or below market value – but it happens. And not just when a property is repossessed either; in fact, there are a variety of reasons for these properties coming to the market. For example, the property might belong to a large public body, such as the Ministry of Defence or the NHS; such properties are frequently sold off at well below market value, often reduced on the market price by as much as 30% (or even more in some cases).

Kent, in the South East corner of England, offers the best of all worlds: coastline, heritage landmarks, and a new high speed rail link to London (journey time 35 minutes).

Buy BMV Property In Kent

To find a BMV(below market value) property in Kent, please register our BMV property form. We will be happy to help you to find the best option for you

House Repossession Auctions In Kent

In auctions process, you can buy properties cheaper than normal price. When a bank can not sell the property, it will go to auctions for a quick sale. This is a good opportunity to invest your money. you can buy discounted price and sell it in a good price.


Current Average Property Prices in Kent

  • Flat: £167,720
  • Terraced: £202,169
  • Semi-detached: £232,043
  • Detached: £427,014

Current Average Rental Values

  • Room: £395 pcm
  • Flat: £696 pcm
  • House: £1,035 pcm

Repossessed Houses for Sale Kent

  • Ashford, three-bedroom end-terrace with market value of £165,00 on market for £132,000. Equity on completion: £33,000. Yield: 6.32%
  • Folkestone Road, Dover: one-bedroom flat central location on market for £28,000
  • Westwood Road, Salisbury: two-bedroom first-floor apartment on market for £114,950

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