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By December 28, 2008House Repossession Rights

What to do after your house repossession order?

Can I get my home back after house repossession?

So, you’ve been served with a repossession order by your mortgage lender. At this stage your options are limited. But you do have some legal rights after house repossession notices have been served. And in some cases it is even possible to get your home back.

If you pay your arrears and outstanding mortgage balance, for example by selling to a cash buyer, you might be able to regain legal access to your home. Your lender might disagree but don’t take their word for it. Always check; most people who work for mortgage lenders have very little – if any – understanding of English law or the repossession process.

Remember, the only person who can legally make a house repossession order is a judge.

Getting the best price after house repossession

After house repossession your mortgage lender will be chasing a fast sale to win back as much money as possible. This means that, sadly, many repossessed properties are undervalued by lenders as well as poorly marketed by estate agents. But if they don’t make every effort on your behalf, estate agents and lenders risk running foul of recent case law.

There are some simple actions you can take after house repossession to make the most of the situation by getting the best price for your property.
•    Make a note of the date your house was handed to estate agents and the day the sale process started.
•    Check the estate agent has put up a ‘For Sale’ sign and take a dated photo of it.
•    Make sure the estate agent has put your property in their window or at least displayed it prominently inside.
•    Is the agent actively marketing your home? Find out by asking them anonymously for details of properties like yours in your area. If they don’t give you the details of your home, take the name of the Agent for future reference.
•    Check your home’s details include the vacant possession, or that it is chain-free. A chainless purchase is a strong selling point and if they haven’t made this clear, they could be guilty of under-selling.
•    Make your lender confirm they’re keeping their eye on your sale to ensure the best price. You might have to push for this because most lenders are reluctant to confirm anything except what the estate agent has told them.
•    After house repossession, make sure both your home and garden are completely clean and tidy so there’s no physical excuse for offers to be reduced.
Get more help and advice at your local office of the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, or at

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  • YvonneB says:

    My daughters home was reposessed
    we went to the lenders then the council as she was homeless and needed somewhere to stay ( they offered £150 per night accommodation for herself her partner and 2 children aged 7 months and 12 years ..we also went to see a wonderful lady at citizens advice she spoke to the bank the lender and the key holders and after 1 and a half days and £1.500 she got her home back we are so thankful to the lady who spoke on our behalf miracles DO happen !!!!

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