House Repossession Statistics for England and Wales: Q3 2009

Mortgage Repossession Claims Issued in England and Wales for Q3 2009

In summary, the largest percentage fall was in the West Midlands, where repossessions fell by 40% compared to the same period in 2008.  Meanwhile, the greatest number of repossessions per households occurred in Wales, where 1.4 properties out of every 1,000 were repossessed in the quarter, although this figure does represent a 34% fall when compared last year.

The figures below represent:

  1. Total number of repossessions for the period
  2. Percentage rise or fall on Q3 2008
  3. Number of repossessions per 1,000 households
  • Total England & Wales: 24,938; down 34%; 1.1
  • England only: 23,205; down 34%; 1.1

Regional Break Down

  • North East: 1,465; down 34% ; 1.3
  • North West: 3,875; down 37%; 1.3
  • Yorkshire and the Humber: 2,830; down 29%; 1.3
  • East Midlands: 2,155; down 33%; 1.2
  • West Midlands: 2,480; down 40%; 1.1
  • East: 2,360; down 31%; 1.0
  • London: 3,425; down 36%; 1.1
  • South East: 2,925; down 34%; 0.8
  • South West: 1,700; down 32%; 0.8
  • Wales: 1,710; down 34%; 1.4

For even greater regional breakdown of repossession figures for the quarter, click on the relevant region above.

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  • glenn says:

    Could this be down to the present and former goverments serious lack of building affordable rented homes.example personal bankruptcys have been going through the roof over the last 3yrs causing a huge rise in repos due to insolvency service taking back houses for creditors at a guess id say there are a huge amount of these people gone bankrupt who did have equity in their houses and due to sad economic times will now lose their homes and become homeless.”shallow politics at work so we havent got to many homeless people wandering the streets how good would that look in the press”

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