If you are looking for beachfront property for sale in Brazil then you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice. With 7,491km (4,655 miles) of Atlantic coastline Brazil has the 16th longest coastline in the world, and nearly all of it consists of palm-fringed golden sands that would grace any tropical picture postcard. The further north you go from Rio de Janeiro the closer you are to the equator, it gets hotter, more tropical but also a little more wild up there.

Buying beachfront properties in Brazil has never been such an attractive proposition. Brazil’s expanding economy has triggered a tourism boom which is unprecedented in the country’s history. Massive amounts of government investment into infrastructure has brought huge swathes of previously undeveloped land onto the market and, as visitor numbers soar, new developments are continually springing up to meet the burgeoning demand.

  • Brazil will host the 2014 Football World Cup;
  • Brazil will host the summer Olympics in 2016;
  • Rio de Janeiro hosts the Carnival every year with around 1,000,000 tourists flocking to the city.

There are direct flights from London to Rio de Janeiro which take around 12 hours, so you could set off from London in the evening, be in Rio by morning and up or down the coast to your new property in a couple of hours after that.

Beach in Brazil

Most inward investment into Brazilian beachfront properties has centred on the vast north-eastern section of coastline and the states outlined below which are all undergoing massive developement:

  • Bahia (Portuguese word baía, meaning "bay”);
  • Pernambuco approximately 1,240 miles / 2,000 km north;
  • Paraiba approximately 1,400 miles / 2,250 km north;
  • Rio Grande do Norte approximately 1,550 miles / 2,500 km north;
  • Alagaos approximately 1,015 miles / 1,633 km north;
  • Ceara

The property market in these areas is truly huge and new properties are coming online all the time. Here is a little sample of some of the things available:

A 2 bedroom apartment, fully furnished with stunning ocean views from the veranda in the desirable location of Vitoria, Bahia will cost you somewhere in the region of £140,000. Make that a secluded 3 bedroom house with all the trimmings and an acre of land with its own 2 bedroom cabana and you will be looking to pay around £600,000.

Move a little further north to the Island of Itamaracá, in Pernambuco and you can find a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on 600sq metres of land, in need of a little TLC, for not much more than £100,000.

Staying in Pernambuco, at São José  da Coroa Grande, and an outstanding luxury mansion with 10 bedrooms, swimming pool and fully furnished with high end fittings will set you back a relatively cheap £750,000.

The lower end of the market is catered for too; in the village of Taiba, in Ceara State, you can own a 2 bedroom house in a complex with a private balcony and communal pool for under £60,000.

There are plenty of off-plan opportunities too. One property investment company is offering pre-launch 2 bedroom apartments in one of Natal’s most sought-after beach locations with a 4-year rental guarantee, from a developer with a proven track record, for only £56,000.

The market is developing so quickly that it is virtually impossible to state average prices for properties.

What is certain however is that there are bargains to be had for anybody who is interested in buying a beachfront property in Brazil.

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