Investing in the Brazil property market has become one of the hottest topics for the overseas property investor. With unprecedented growth in all areas of the Brazilian economy, particularly the tourism industry, Brazil has become an emerging market that is simply massive. Opportunities abound for the canny investor and if you’re looking for somewhere new and vibrant to invest your money you would be making a mistake not to at least consider Brazil.

Outstanding, unspoilt natural beauty, mile after mile of palm-fringed beaches and enormous investment in infrastructure. Brazil has got it all. Whether you’re attracted to the cosmopolitan hotspots of Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo (although Sao Paulo is known to be quite dangerous and has no beaches it is expanding at an enormous rate) or the endless expanses of golden sands that typify this country, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

  • Brazil will be the host for the 2014 Football World Cup
  • Brazil will also be the host for the summer Olympics in 2016
  • Rio de Janeiro hosts ‘Carnival’ every year with around 1,000,000 tourists flocking to the city.

Holiday properties are plentifully available in Brazil and new developments and resorts are springing up along the Atlantic coast like mushrooms. You can find opportunities in the established resorts or look further up the coast for new areas which will become the well established resorts of tomorrow.

Invest in Brazil

The further north you venture from Rio de Janeiro the more tropical it becomes and also a little bit wilder.

The north-eastern states of Brazil show the greatest potential as previously undeveloped areas are becoming holiday destination hotspots. With air transportation links from Europe and the United States improving all the time, buy-to-let investments are particularly interesting, offering investors the opportunity to get in at the ground floor. The Brazilian boom shows no sign of abating and the huge growth in tourism, which is backed by expansion in other areas of the economy, seems set to continue.

Building plots are also available along the coast and the earlier you can identify and invest in an upcoming area the more profit your investment can realise. Investors should note that building control and its associated paperwork in Brazil can be quite complex and you should consult local expert advice before purchasing land, buying into developments or starting out on a project.

The simplest way to invest in Brazilian property is via an overseas property investment agency. Think about using well known companies such as Savills or Knight Frank. There are many companies that specialise in this and these should be your starting point. Even if you don’t end up going with these companies they can provide you with necessary information and a good idea of current prices and opportunities.

Of course, in these times of financial turmoil nothing is for certain and if you wish to invest in Brazilian property (or indeed any property) you need to do your research. As with all investments, the riskiest ones carry the potential for the highest returns, and we all have a different idea of where the ideal risk/returns balance lies. The beauty of Brazil is, because of its unimaginable scale and massive development programme, somewhere out there is the ideal investment opportunity for you. It’s just a question of finding it.

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