For overseas property investors looking for the next hot location to buy property, look no further than Brazil. The Brazilian economy boom has been making headlines for some time now and this modern success story shows no signs of slowing down. Riding on the strength of massive expansion across many sectors the Brazilian tourist industry has stepped into overdrive and Brazil’s outstanding beach resorts are becoming THE destination of choice for millions of sun seekers.

Although investment opportunities abound right across Brazil it is perhaps the property sector that is of greatest interest to the small investor. It’s not just in holiday resorts; with an ever growing middle class, demand for property in Brazil outstrips supply by a massive amount (somewhere in the region of 9 million homes).

  • Brazil will be the host for the 2014 Football World Cup;
  • Brazil will also be the host for the summer Olympics in 2016;
  • Rio de Janeiro hosts ‘Carnival’ every year with around 1,000,000 tourists flocking to the city.

By combining the two sectors; (1) property and (2) tourism, it is possible for the small investor to make a well-placed investment whilst at the same time securing future holidays in some of the most stunning locations on the planet. A simple internet search will reveal literally thousands of properties available that are ideal for straight forward buy-to-let investments or as holiday homes that will pay for themselves whilst hopefully appreciating in value.

Invest in Brazil

As with all property booms the investor will need to ensure that interest is sustained and that the perfect paradise hideaway doesn’t end up being an expensive white elephant. But with massive government investment into infrastructure, including new roads and airports, the Brazilian tourist boom seems like it’s here to stay and now seems like the ideal time to get in at the ground floor.

Many investors rent their Brazil property out through worldwide holiday lettings websites. is one of the largest and at the time of writing has over 14,000 properties available to rent. Such sites are a good place to start your research as they show what others have already bought, offer real photos of the properties rather than sales photos, requested rents and even what vacancy periods they are experiencing.

Locations with highest number of private rental accommodation 

     1. São Paulo State rentals 5,788
     2. Rio de Janeiro State rentals 3,297
     3. Bahia rentals 1,481
     4. Santa Catarina rentals 1,328
     5. Pernambuco rentals 477
     6. Ceará rentals     366
     7. Alagoas rentals 308
     8. Rio Grande do Norte rentals 229
     9. Espírito Santo rentals 191
     10. Goiás rentals 174
     11. Minas Gerais rentals 168
     12. Rio Grande do Sul rentals 93
     13. Paraná rentals 87
     14. Paraíba rentals 81
     15. Sergipe rentals 57
     16. Distrito Federal rentals 46
     17. Pará rentals 16
     18. Maranhão rentals 7
     19. Amazonas rentals 5
     20. Mato Grosso do Sul rentals 3
     21. Piauí rentals 2
     22. South East Brazil rentals 1
     23. Tocantins rentals 1

TIP: Use photographic websites such as Flickr to see real photos of the area. Search in Alagoas Beach

As well as the traditional Brazilian locations such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo, whole new swathes of the Brazilian coastline are being transformed from underdeveloped backwaters into bustling, well appointed holiday resorts. And with the immense scale of Brazil whole new swathes means literally hundreds of miles of coastline.

Perhaps the area that is attracting the most interest is the north-eastern coastline. From Salvador City in Bahia right up to Fortaleza in Ceara, a distance of over 1,200kms (745 miles) there has been a frenzy of development with new hotels, apartments and villas appearing almost overnight. And although such rapid development might sound off-putting, with such an extensive coastline these areas have still managed to retain some of their original charm and outstanding natural beauty. The state of Rio Grande do Norte in particular has benefitted from a new airport and coastal highway, making areas that were previously difficult to get to totally accessible.

If you are looking for an overseas investment opportunity then do yourself a favour and check it out for yourself. Brazil is taking off and the smart investors are climbing aboard.

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