We have taken a snapshot of the properties available in nine different areas of Florida known to be marketed heavily and targeting international property investors. We sourced all the statistics from Realtor.com and Zillow.com in January 2012.

Clearwater, Florida – Located on the north western coast approximately 282 miles north east of Miami and is a good 4 and a half hours drive. It is also located 106 miles from Orlando, Florida.

Tampa, Florida – Is located inland from Clearwater mentioned above, still around 280 miles and 4 and half hours drive north of Miami. It is also located 85 miles from Orlando, Florida.

Orlando, Florida – Located 233 miles north of Miami, around 4 hours drive, this town is located near the coast but inland. Of course Disney World is a big draw card for the area.

Davenport, Florida – Located very close to Kissimmee, Davenport is 234 miles north of Miami and around 4 hours drive. It is located inland from the coast. It is also located 37 miles from Orlando, Florida.

Kissimmee, Florida – Located 217 miles north of Miami, close to Davenport which is a 3 and half hour drive. Kissimmee is located inland but has access to water. It is also located 23 miles from Orlando, Florida.

Celebration, Florida – Also located very close to Kissimmee and Davenport it is in the middle of the Florida peninsula 226 miles north of Miami. It is also located 22 miles from Orlando, Florida.

Sarasota, Florida – On the coast with plenty of beaches located 230 miles or around 3:50 drive time north west from Miami. It is also located 132 miles from Orlando, Florida.

Naples, Florida – Located to the west, north, west from Miami by approximately 108 miles or just over 2 hours drive, Naples offers beautiful beaches and a host of property options. It is also located 196 miles from Orlando, Florida.

Bradenton, Florida – Located north of Sarasota off the north western coast and approximately 243 miles north east Miami. This is a beachside community. It is also located 117 miles from Orlando, Florida.

Property Prices

Here we can see what percentage of properties are for sale in each of the following price brackets in our nine different areas. There are some interesting comparisons between the areas such as:

  • Naples has the highest percentage of housing stock over $400,000;
  • between $25,000 and $50,000 market is larger in Tampa and Clearwater;
  • between $50,001 and $100,000 you should probably take a look at Kissimmee, Orlando, Clearwater;
  • The more expensive locations within this list appear to be Naples, Celebration, Sarasota.

House price in Florida

There are further interesting statistics on the Zillow.com website. Take a look around at particular properties in any of these markets and you soon realise just how much of a hit the USA housing market has taken. It is easy to imagine all these home owners buying at say $200,000 between 2003 and 2007 watching the value of their house rise a bit, borrowing against that for holidays and cars and now watching as the value has crashed, now 5 years later to half what they bought it for. That is a shocking investment and can destroy peoples financial lives. The Zillow.com website shows many examples of house that were sold previously for twice today’s asking price.

Example 1

Clearwater, Fl with an asking price of just $130,000 for 1,641 sq ft it is only $79.21 per sq ft. Zillow.com statistics state it was worth well over $225,000 in May 2006.

House price in Florida

House price in Florida

Example 2

Tampa, Fl on a large block with very old 1926 house of 1733 sq ft with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

     1. Sold in April 2005 for $157,000                                                     
     2. Sold in July 2006 for $260,000                                                       
     3. Current asking price 2011 $70,000                                          
     4. 73% loss in value since 2006 purchase = $190,000

House price in Florida

House price in Florida

There are so many property investment opportunities right now in Florida you would want to know what you were doing or invest with a company that is local to the area. If you had a spare two weeks it might be worth picking one of the markets mentioned above and getting to know the area. There really are bargains to be had.

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