Fast House Sale in London

By October 12, 2010Quick Sale

We can get you an offer on your home with a Quick House Sale

Fast House Sale in London: If you are one of the many thousands of Londoners looking for a Fast House Sale in London you won’t need us to tell you just how difficult a task this can be. The fact that you are just one of many can feel like a double-edged sword too – on the one hand, you know it’s not a problem unique to you and that there is nothing wrong with you or your home but, on the other hand, you have to compete with all those thousands of property-sellers. Additionally, if you need to sell your house fast the chances are you are under some sort of emotional strain – which will not be helped by trying to match the tight timescales you need.

Whatever your reason for needing to make a fast sale – whether you need to relocate with work, are in the throes of a divorce, or have seemingly insurmountable debt problems – there are many solutions around, some of which may never have occurred to you.

Whichever solution you eventually choose, your number one priority is to make sure you are asking a realistic price for your property – no matter what you might have heard from estate agents or neighbours, your home is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. Estate agents are currently desperate for business and if he thinks giving you an inflated price guide will get your business, which is exactly what he will do. The result will be even more frustration, heartache, and false hope about what you can realistically achieve. The result certainly won’t be that quick sale you need.

                             Quick House Sale In Landon

Selling a house fast is never easy, selling a house fast in a recession can seem nigh on impossible; the typical experience is lots of viewings but no offers. We can probably help you to achieve a fast house sale, however, there are some things that you can do to help yourself. Simple common-sense things, such as:

  • Disassociate Yourself from Your Home – tell yourself that you are leaving that you won’t look back and that the house is no longer yours. In other words, think of it as a commodity that must be sold rather than the place where you’ve lived, laughed and loved.
  • Remove personal effects such as photographs and family heirlooms, which will make it easier for potential buyers to imagine their own pieces in the home. While your stuff is there, the viewers will be intrigued by your life and won’t be able to seem themselves living there.
  • Get rid of clutter – it just makes the house look smaller.
  • Tidy the cupboards – potential buyers will look inside cupboards and drawers!
  • You’ve probably got too much furniture – most of us do. Hire a storage unit for large pieces of furniture.
  • If those curtains aren’t included in the buying price – take them down! Same applies to fixtures and fittings. Remove them and replace them with something else to save any future wrangling.
  • Ensure your home is in a good state of repair – fix leaking taps, patch holes in the wall, make sure the doors close properly.
  • Clean!
  • Do a walk through – would you buy it?
  • Curb appeal – if your house looks scruffy from the car, the buyer won’t even bother getting out. Make sure the garden and paths are neat and tidy and that the house number is clearly visible. Oh, and apparently yellow inspires people to spend – so plant yellow flowers!
  • Make sure you are asking a reasonable price