How to sell your home FAST: Phil Spencer shares THIS top tip for quick property sales

SELL your home fast and move into your next house by Christmas with these top tips from property expert Phil Spencer.

Selling property can be a time-consuming business, but there are ways to speed up the process. TV star and property expert Phil Spencer, 47, has shared his tips for getting house moves completed as quickly as possible. He had one suggestion in particular for making sure a sale run smoothly. Speaking to Zoopla, Phil advised seller should “keep a tight rein on your solicitor”.

He explained: “Solicitors and property lawyers can be notoriously slow when it comes to the legal work behind buying and selling – the process known as conveyancing. So choose one that’s been tried and tested via recommendations.

“When you’ve whittled down some options, ask the solicitor upfront if they’ll be able to work within the time parameters you need. Then it’s down to them to choose whether or not to accept the challenge.

“When you’ve settled on a solicitor, ask them to prepare all the paperwork, such as the draft contract, in advance. And dig out your title deeds now. If everything is already set and ready to go, a complete package can be sent to your purchaser’s solicitor on the very same day.

“And of course, it also pays to stay in close contact with your solicitor and stay informed of exactly where you are in the conveyancing process.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be proactive in pushing forward with what needs to get done.”

Going hand in hand with this, Phil said a seller needs to be savvy about which buyer they say yes to.

He said: “You want to make sure whoever is interested in buying your home is serious.

“Find out how the prospective buyer is financing the purchase. Cash buyers are best of course, but if – like many buyers – they require a mortgage, ask to see an Agreement in Principal.

“This is a document from the lender confirming that, all being well, it will lend the money.

“If your buyer has their own house to sell, it should be under offer before you take yours off the market.”

Phil has previously offered advice on how to sell your home fast, and one of his key tips was to make sure your home is decluttered.

Speaking to, he said: “Whether you’re a single person, you have a small baby or you’ve got a family four, decluttering will make your home appeal more to buyers and it will also help in the moving process.”